Embracing digital disruption: How organisations adapt to new tech.

Digital technologies are everywhere, from new mobile telecommunications to AI, drones, cloud computing, 3D printing, Internet of Things, virtual reality, Web3, and maybe someday quantum computing. They are changing the way we live, consume, work, produce things, enjoy entertainment, and much more. Digital technologies are also creating enormous opportunities for organizations across virtually all sectors of the economy.
Professor Tucci has been studying the organizational implications of new technologies for almost 30 years, starting from the first commercialization of the Internet to hard drives to the first wave of AI all the way through to the present day. He has published widely on how organizations adopt new technologies, use them in their processes, and embed them into their new products, services, and business models.
In this public lecture, Professor Tucci will take us on a tour of digital “disruption,” creative destruction, open innovation, corporate venturing, crowdsourcing, and more. He will also discuss how innovation management can help organizations of all sizes and in all sectors create and capture value, and what kinds of innovation management cultures, practices, and programmes are most effective.

Christopher Tucci is Professor of Digital Strategy and Innovation, Business School
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