ELtea Time MENA - Episode 5 (Professional Development Communities)

Join MENA PD Academy by Macmillan Education teacher trainer, Nathan Waller, for ELTea Time MENA: our 'coffee-break style' Advancing Learning podcast series ☕

In this episode Nathan (with his fruity blueberry, pomegranate an acai berry tea) is joined by KSAALT President, Fatmah Azam Ali (enjoying her large mug of coffee) as they discuss the value and importance of professional development communities (or PDCs) on a teachers' professional growth and personal wellbeing...

In the conversation we discuss:
- Fatmah's background and interest in this topic
- The benefits of being part of PDCs
- Some of the communities available to teachers in MENA and how to get involved

(oh, and keep an eye out for glimpses of baby Nayel as well, with those super cute little cheeks..!)

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