Elon Musk Just UNVEILED A 2024 Battery For Tesla Semi!

Elon Musk Just UNVEILED A 2024 Battery For Tesla Semi!
The battery pioneers at Tesla have unveiled a power cell that is said to have a lifespan comparable to that of an 18-wheeler. Eventually, the cell may endure 1.5 million km before degrading, or the lifespan of the huge rig itself, taking the place of diesel fuel in the process.And so, in today’s episode we are going to check the unveiling of Tesla Semi's “dream” battery that can replace diesel as the power source for heavy-duty trucks. Stay tuned!
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Tesla recently introduced a battery for electric vehicles that was designed with long-haul electric rigs like the Tesla Semi in mind. The cell was created specifically for the Tesla Semi, for which Tesla provided feedback on the attributes it would want to see in a battery that might displace diesel as the preferred fuel for heavy-duty, long-haul applications.

The longevity of the cell was the first item on the demand list, and Tesla chose a figure of 1.5 million kilometers (about 932 thousand miles) as the maximum that would satisfy its semi-buyers. Before buying anything that isn't a diesel engine, big rig purchasers would want to see that the battery had a million miles on it since it would provide it the same benefits that diesel engines already have—many years of use and torque at low rpms.
It is unknown what specific chemistry and technique Tesla employed to create the million-mile battery, however the cells that would go into such an 18-wheeler truck battery are of the prismatic "chewing gum" kind and have a capacity of 157 Ah for each with a nominal voltage of 3.6 V. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, said

"As the development of the battery cell started, we targeted high performance, low operating costs and long lifetime. We decided on a requirement for the cell to enable a 1.5 million kilometers long lifetime for a heavy-duty Tesla Semi. The tests show that this requirement can not only be met, but also exceeded."

It would be fascinating to know what sorts of tests were conducted on the heavy-duty truck battery by Tesla, as it would be intriguing to see how it would fare in the frigid temperatures. An electric vehicle's range can easily be halved in cold weather without preconditioning.

However, given that Tesla Semis are primarily used for "regional long-haul," it appears that Tesla's focus was on the battery's durability and the operating costs of a vehicle equipped with one. Customers would be more concerned about longevity than range on a charge because it would be prohibitively expensive to replace an enormous battery big enough to power an 18-wheeler too soon.

Like usual, Tesla takes things a step further by using renewable energy sources to generate the battery's power, which reduces the carbon footprint of the cells by two thirds compared to those used in current batteries. The new cells are already being produced at the Gigafactory in Nevada, and Tesla is constructing a special facility in order to produce the long-haul truck battery, which will start operating later this year. This facility will produce cells that are ready to be put into Tesla Semi's.

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