Elektron Digitone vs Analog Four: Comparing Features and Workflow

There've been a few questions asking about my opinions on the Digitone vs the Analog Four. I wrote down my thoughts a while ago, but didn't get around to making the video before now. Thanks for the great topic suggestion!

1:04 Price
1:50 Both have the Elektron Sequencer
2:16 Number of voices
3:09 Number of parameters to control
5:53 DN's Control-All vs A4's Performance macros
11:29 Effects
15:29 Digitone's master overdrive
16:48 A4's trig types
21:11 Direct Jump pattern changes
23:46 Voice management
26:36 "Int to main" (internal audio to main outs)
28:58 Overdrives
33:29 Mini keyboard vs "add note" button
39:30 Arpeggiator
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