Elden Ring Combat for Dummies: Combat Tips Basics for EVERYTHING You Need to Know - PS5 GAMEPLAY

A little while ago, we published a beginners tips guide to #EldenRing - what we didn’t realise though, was that for some these tips weren’t beginner enough. So, we made Elden Ring for Dummies - an in-depth Elden Ring explainer covering attributes, levelling, weapon scaling, equip loads and more. Now Aoife Wilson is back with an Elden Ring Combat For Dummies vid, covering Ashes of War, weapon upgrades, enemy patterns, Spirit Ashes, Super Armour and more. Let us know if you have any further questions in the comments! #Eurogamer #EldenRingforDummies

00:00 - Intro
00:38 - Death is a friend
01:56 - Jump Attacks
02:47 - Stealth and Backstabs
03:39 - Rolling and Equip Load
05:35 - Your Tool Belt and Pouch
07:18 - Upgrading Your Weapons
09:05 - When to Upgrade
10:13 - One-handed Vs Two-Handed Weapons
11:20 - Weapon Affinities and How They Scale
13:54 - How Ashes of War Work
16:37 - Spirit Ashes and How to Upgrade Them
18:12 - Ranged Combat and When to Use it
19:51 - Watch Your Stamina!
20:53 - Enemy Range of Attack
22:07 - Super Armour Explained
23:46 - Lock-on, Lock-off
24:22 - Don't Get Greedy!
24:57 - Outro and Next Steps?

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