Ek Din Sab Mujhe Bhula Denge || #Spiritual Reminder || Ustaaz Adeel Arfeen

Ek Din Sab Mujhe Bhula Denge || #Spiritual Reminder || Ustaaz Adeel Arfeen

ایک دن سب مجھے بھلا دینگے || استاذ عدیل عارفین

Al Midrar Institute is a state-of-the-art academic research, training and solution-providing enterprise, established with the objective to help people achieve excellence in every facet of their lives.
Our journey is fueled with a determination to assert the epistemic applicability of the Islamic Sciences in the contemporary world as a valid, relevant and effective answer to the ever-increasing and ever-changing problems of the human self, in both its individual and collective capacities.
To achieve this magnanimous goal, Al Midrar has toiled hard to develop a unique and inspiring range of Courses, Workshops, Counseling Sessions and other Customized Trainings based Islamic Blend if needed by concern.

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