Ejection 067 - Nats Skipper Dave Martinez Tossed After Extra Inning Obstruction Call Gives Phils Run

2B Umpire Dan Iassogna ejected Nationals manager Dave Martinez for arguing an obstruction (type 2) call by 3B Umpire John Bacon that allowed Phillies runner JT Realmuto to score from second. Report: https://www.closecallsports.com/2022/06/mlb-ejection-067-dan-iassogna-1-dave.html

In this video were tmac takes the lead, we review the play and conclude that the proper call here likely is offensive interference for the runner impeding the fielder's ability to make a play on a batted ball (the rule is "attempting to field a batted ball"—not "successfully fields" or "could possibly field a batted ball"); the collision occurs prior to the ball arriving at the fielder's location, or even with the fielder's location, which means the runner interfered with the fielder before the fielder had a change to unsuccessfully attempt to field the ball.

Had the ball already arrived and the fielder had already unsuccessfully attempted to field it, and THEN a hindering contact happened between the two players, it would instead by obstruction (type 2), as ruled on the field here, as the fielder would no longer be in the act of attempting to field a batted ball.
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