EFTA Statistical Office - Anniversary Conference 2021 - Part 1

ESO - Conference on “Data Stewardship – Chances and Challenges”
Wednesday, 15 December 2021
Part 1/4

00:02:37 – Mr Henri Gétaz, Secretary-General of EFTA: Welcome Note

00:08:56 – Mr Ólafur Hjálmarsson, Director General of Statistics Iceland: What do we mean by data stewardship and what should be the role of NSIs?

00:41:37 – Ms Hege Marie Hoff, Deputy Secretary-General of EFTA: The EEA Agreement and Data Stewardship

00:50:40 – Mr Tomaž Smrekar, Director General of Statistics Slovenia: Designing data governance that preserves core values of official statistics in the forthcoming era

01:36:16 – Mr Volker Täube, Director of EFTA Statistical Office: Introduction to the Conference on Data Stewardship
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