Effective Leadership Skills for the 21st Century Learners. By Ali Asghar Bhai Jamali (CEO-Toyota)

By Aqa Moula's T.U.S wasila our symposium on "The Effective Learning Skills of the 21st Century Learners" fetched the outcome above expectations.

Utilizing the perfect platform of SBHS Ali Asghar bhai Jamali with his remarkable oratory style instilled the passion and fervor for success in the learners of the 21st century.
The enthralling Q,A session between SBHS students and Ali Asghar bhai Jamali is highly motivational for all.

0:00 - Set up
1:58 - Qira'at
5:13 - Matam
11:02 - Bayan Recitation
13:02 - Principal's Speech
19:45 - Introductory Video of Mr. Ali Asghar Jamali (Guest Speaker)
23:14 - 1st Part of the session
56:05 - Q.A Session between students and Ali Asghar Bhai
1:30 - Award Ceremony of Interschool robotics win
1:36 - Ending Speech by Janab Naeem Bhaisaheb Burhani
1:44 - Wazifatu-sh-shukr
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