Effective & Advanced Communication Skills (Episode – 1/22)

Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another. Every communication involves (at least) one sender, a message and a recipient. When human being expresses his thinking, feeling, needs, wants, demand, likings, disliking, desire with others can be communication. This could be verbal, written, non-verbal or any other modes.

Communication needs at least one source or sender or communicator a media and a recipient or receiver or respondent. Encoding and decoding are the essential elements here with or without presence of noises. Effectiveness of communication depends upon how effectively sender encode and receiver decode the messages from same level of understanding and cultural background.

Basic, effective and advanced communication elements could be different but objective of all communications are same to convince others to make others happy or to get others support. This video discussed the following issues to make effective & advanced communication clear to the audience. Major discussion points are what is Communication? Importance of Communication, Communication Skills, Communication Process, Defining human communication, Language in human communication, Words in a language, Signs and Symbols, Communication Basics, Message, Encoding, Channel, Decoding, Receiver, Feedback, Steps of effective communication, Ways to Know Your Audience, Communication approach, Communication Barriers, Elements of Communication, Paraverbal Communication, Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Body Language, Gestures, Postures, Facial Expressions, Detecting Deception, Understanding Personal Space, Written Communication, Mass Media & Social Media Communication, Attitudes in Human Communication, Defining Attitudes, Components of attitudes, Perspectives in Communication, Elements of Communication, Communication Styles, Assertive communication style, Aggressive communication style, Passive communication style, Passive-aggressive communication style, Manipulative communication style, Importance of Listening Skills, Types of Listening, Effective Written Communication, Closed questions, Open questions, Probing questions, Leading questions, Loaded questions, Funnel questions, Recall and process questions and Rhetorical questions, the Art of Communication, and Conversational Psychology.

Beside the above mentioned effective communication skills this video has also been discussed on Public speaking, Presentation, Conflict resolution, Dealing with prospective investors, Managing customer services, Building relationships with employees, customers, and vendors, Public relations, community engagement, government relations, Managing mergers, acquisitions, and other major change, Team building, maintaining agile teams, Motivating people, Building Rapport, Communication Skills Career Advancement, Confidence when public speaking, Body language and nonverbal cues, Active listening and questioning, Writing skills, Verbal and presentation skills, Teamwork skills, Selling and persuasion skills, Develop Communication Skills, Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders, Presenting, Responding (to objection), Negotiating, Debating, Informing, Soliciting, Mentoring, Coaching, Teaching, Collaborating, Enforcing, Guiding & Dealing with Difficult people and situation etc.

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