Eelco Fiole, CFA: Crypto Failures and the Quest for Governance

Discover the crucial role of governance and fiduciary thinking in the blockchain and crypto space as we navigate the recent cryptocurrency failures of FTX and Terra Luna with Eelco Fiole, co-founder and managing partner of Alpha Governance Partners, and guest host, Andres Vinelli, chief economist at CFA Institute. Uncover how the lack of oversight and risk management contributed to these disasters and gain valuable insights on the importance of establishing trust with investors through proper governance.

Join our riveting conversation as we explore the evolving landscape of the crypto industry, touching on the impact of energy consumption and ESG considerations on the success of new protocols. Learn about the different consensus mechanisms used in cryptocurrency transactions and their implications on energy use, as well as the potential of carbon taxes on the future of crypto. Don't miss this essential episode for anyone seeking to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrency governance and investment.
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