Education Backgrounds - The King's Exhibition: The Selected Works of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Dr. Glenn Toby talks about his education and how he went through college against all odds. Dr. Glenn Toby is the founder and CEO of Glenn Toby Enterprises (GTE). Glenn Toby Enterprises is a leading international holding corporation that controls real estate, asset management, technology companies, and a multi-tiered entertainment and athlete management company.

Glenn’s career spans 30 years, from 80's music industry pioneer to a leader in the Entertainment & Sports Management world. He represented, managed, or advised, including LL Cool J, Olympian Samyr Laine, Lance Reddick, Asante Samuel, Antonio Freeman, Josh Evans, World Champion Boxer O'Neil ""Supernova""​ Bell, actor Jason Weaver, and other big names in entertainment, sports & business.

His heart leans in as a steadfast philanthropist; Dr. Toby is the founder of the Book Bank Foundation Inc, a literacy organization, and a Board Member of the Peter Tosh Foundation.


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