EDM for Maritime: Workflow automation and data management solutions for the maritime industry

Find out how EDM for Maritime is being used to support decision-making, streamline operations and drive digital transformation in the maritime and shipping industry. Learn more: https://ihsmarkit.com/products/edm-for-maritime.html?utm_campaign=PC021428&utm_medium=social-network&utm_source=YouTube

The maritime, shipping, and logistics sectors are overflowing with diverse data that can help industry participants adapt to evolving environments. But disconnected systems and manual processes make it difficult for organizations to extract the full value of their often-fragmented data.

Without access to consistent, validated data, industry participants can find themselves sailing against the tide: exposing themselves to operational risk and inefficiencies, and missing commercial opportunities. Many are now starting to ride the waves of change by prioritizing data management as a central pillar of their wider digital transformation strategies.

EDM for Maritime from IHS Markit is here to help. A cloud-based workflow automation and data management platform, EDM streamlines operations, empowers decision makers, and enables scale and growth. It all begins with good quality data. EDM integrates and validates datasets from various sources to ensure data meets organizational standards. The data-agnostic platform then creates a master record, ensuring all users and downstream systems are fed with the most accurate and complete data possible.

With EDM, you gain control over your data through workflow automation and by implementing best practices, governance rules and quality controls across the organization. This instils greater confidence in data used for decision-making; alleviates reliance on legacy systems; and helps you adapt to ever-changing supply chains. So, whether you are embarking on your digitalization journey, striving to improve operational efficiency, or tracking your emissions to achieve your sustainability goals, EDM provides the foundation and scale you need to be successful.

To learn more about EDM for Maritime and chart your course to data success, visit IHS Markit today.
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