Ed Gibbins On Managing Type I Diabetes As An Athlete | HNL Movement Podcast Ep. 135 (Pt. 2)

Welcome Ed Gibbins, the Co-Owner and Chief Product Officer at Rewire Fitness, to the HNL Movement Podcast! In this clip, Ed talks about managing type I diabetes while training and playing rugby. For everyone out there, especially athletes, how do you train and recover mentally and cognitively? There is evidence and proven strategies that help to enhance physical readiness and performance, however, many of us don’t have the tools or experience to apply these mental and cognitive strategies to our training regimen.

Ed shares his experiences growing up playing rugby, overcoming obstacles of Type 1 diabetes, and his growing fascination with the mind body connection as it relates to optimal performance. The mind has such a powerful influence over how we perceive exertion and our overall physical performance. Our mind can be a limiting factor that needs to be trained just like how we train physically with strength & conditioning. This is where Rewire Fitness comes in and provides solutions to improve our mental and cognitive readiness.

Listen in to all the insights and the importance of mental and cognitive wellness. Rewire Fitness is providing a way to assess, train, and improve your mental and cognitive health that will help you to perform better in activities, sports, and life. Check out more information about Rewire Fitness at the links below! Also, check out the full episode here: https://hnlmovement.com/podcast/135-ed-gibbins-on-neuro-training-mental-readiness-cognitive-load-optimizing-physical-performance/

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