Econ Data for Data Management Professionals

A fascinating question: How would you define a Data Professional? Should we be able to do everything from Data Engineering to Data Scientist? Is this the unicorn that everyone is talking about?

If you are like me and don't qualify to refer to yourself as a unicorn, you still owe it to your Data Citizens to understand the data challenges they face and provide ways of addressing their needs.

Understanding Data Challenges is one challenge that I enjoy.

How about you?

It will keep you learning for the rest of your life, and you will never forget the essential concepts of the particular industry. EconData maintains all the information that professionals need to provide the citizens with the solutions they need.

When I asked Daan Steenkamp to quantify the improvement, he pointed out two crucial points:

1. The speed at which they could refresh the models with new data and revise the latest additional data was orders of magnitude.

2. They could also perform tasks that have not been possible before, concerning multi-model analysis and comparing the performance of each modelling technique to provide insights - the Super Economist.

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