EC&M Tech Talk Video, Episode 8 — Energy Codes & Technology

In this episode of “EC&M Tech Talk,” Randy Barnett, a journeyman electrician, electrical instructor, inspector, author, trainer, and electrical safety expert, shows viewers how the various energy technologies find their way into the National Electrical Code and other standards.

From the first building code in 1859, to the first electrical code in 1897, and to modern International Building Codes today, changes in technology continue to keep electrical contractors, installers, and maintenance personnel on their toes. Whether it is a renewable source of electrical energy, the distribution system carrying the power, or the equipment utilizing this energy, it is the electrical construction and maintenance industry that must bring and keep it all together.

An overview of renewable energy sources and system articles are reviewed in this Tech Talk video, along with some potential growth statistics in the different areas. The discussion includes energy management systems, photovoltaic (PV) systems, wind power, and finally energy storage systems. Given the advancing technologies in each area, it is obvious that these changes continue to provide opportunities for all in the electrical industry.
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