ECB Forum on Banking Supervision: European banking: necessary steps to deepen integration

European banking: necessary steps to deepen integration


John Berrigan, Director-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission
José Manuel Campa, Chair, European Banking Authority
David Livingstone, Chief Executive Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Citi
Jean Pierre Mustier, Operating Partner and Sponsor, Pegasus Europe
Moderator: Silvia Amaro, Correspondent, CNBC

The banking union helped transform the European banking sector from a shock amplifier into a shock absorber. But has this been enough? The COVID-19 crisis has led to further fragmentation, despite the strong European response. Is there momentum to take the next steps towards greater integration? What are the prospects of a European deposit guarantee scheme? How can the crisis management framework support cross-border banking and home-host cooperation?
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