EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 Career Mode Full Trailer & Breakdown!

A new EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 gameplay career mode overview trailer dropped today with new features and details for the new career mode! Time Stamps are listed below! I will break it all down in this video. Includes a look at gameplay, player skills, player customization, in-game shop, apparel, club spec customization, shot types upgrades, career journey, career mastery, PGA career tournaments, Amateur tour, Korn Ferry Tour, and much more! NEW EA SPORTS PGA TOUR 2023 Gameplay News have dropped with a lot of new information on the game, including cross-platform progression, game performance, online and offline modes, and much more! I also have a EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Road to the Masters Gameplay Ultimate Preview - Everything we know so far video on the channel if you want to learn way more about the game! My ultimate preview (link below) video includes everything we know so far including features, gameplay, courses, playable pros, my player, online multiplayer, controls, settings, difficulty and more for the new EA Sports PGA TOUR Golf game releasing on April 7, 2023! Subscribe and stay tuned for all things EA Sports PGA TOUR leading up to launch! Checkout my ultimate preview video here on YouTube at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emu6Ip5H1Ho

Timestamps/Chapters in video:
1. Intro to EA Sports PGA TOUR Career Mode: 0:00 – 0:48
2. Full Trailer EA Sports PGA Tour 2023: 0:49 - 4:03
3. Full Career Mode Breakdown Part 1: 4:04 – 4:42
4. Create a Golfer and Player and Swing Customization: 4:43 - 6:24
5. In-game store and in-game currency overview: 6:25 – 7:38
6. Apparel and Customization in EA Sports PGA Tour 2023: 7:39 - 8:11
7. Career Mode Starting Point and Journey: 8:12 - 10:52
8. Career Mode Menus, Tournaments, Challenges, Mastery and More: 10:53 – 13:34
9. Career Progression, Skills, Shot types EA PGA Tour: 13:35 – 16:43
10. Golf Bag & Club Spec Customization: 16:44 – 19:29
11. AI pairings and difficulty/settings EA Sports PGA TOUR 2023: 19:30 – 20:23
12. Career Mode Gameplay and More: 20:24

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