E-sports Pro player Accused E-sports organization for Scamming Prize pool money of Tournament

Players from the Indian Valorant Team Chennai Clutchers accused the organization of financial mismanagement in splitting the prize money. In a Twitter post on November 17, 2021, one of the players, AEZ95, posted a statement regarding the issue.

Chennai Clutchers participated in the Skyesports League 2021 hosted by Skyesports from April 9 to June 2. 2021.

Chennai Clutchers players claim that they did not receive their cut of the prize money from the tournament. This has become a recurring theme in esports and does not paint a good picture of the organizers or the team management.

AEZ95 said on Twitter:

"Chennai Clutchers had finished on the position 8th at the end of the league with the prize amount FIfty Thousand Rupees only (50000 INR) as oer the Tournament Prize-poo structure."
Months have passed since the conclusion of the league, but the participants reportedly did not receive their share. The players allege that the teams' manager, Multy, informed them that the prize money was not received on September 7, 2021. Meanwhile, Skyesports CEO Shiv Nandy told AEZ95 that the winning amount was credited to all teams in August.

Moreover, players alleged that Multy ill-treated the team and misbehaved with them. The manager's statement purportedly has contradictory statements regarding when the money was credited.

The Twitter statement quotes Multy saying:

"Total of 30k was credited, 13 people in total, instead of 2.3k each when they didn't perform anything I rather put it in house advance (Tempest Mobile Team's Bootcamp)"
The players have made their stance clear with their statement on Twitter regarding their deserved money.

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