Dynamics 365 - HR Functional Series - Part 1: Personnel Management from Hire-to Retire

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 FastTrack TechTalk Series - HR Functional

With Dynamics 365 Human Resources, create a workplace where people and businesses thrive. This is a seven-part series of functional TechTalks covering the in-depth capabilities of Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Microsoft will be discussing in detail what is available out of the box as well as demonstrating the application.

This is a series of functional tech talks covering in-depth the capabilities available in Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Part 1: Personnel Management from Hire-to-Retire
• Process map for jobs, positions, and workers
• Key scenarios for personnel actions
• Tips for using workflow with personnel actions
• Employment history and understanding date effectivity
• Demo Hire, transfer, and retire a worker
• Do's and don'ts
• Checklist for Jobs
• Checklist for Positions
• Checklist for Hire-to-Retire
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