Dynamic Arrays of Objects (Data Structures course, step-by-step)

In this video you will learn how to create both static and dynamic arrays of objects, how to insert data, copy from one array to another, and of course how to delete data from an array of objects. One very important topic that we will discuss in this video is memory management and how your application is using resources where I will point out some of the common mistakes. We will also learn the difference between deep and shallow copying of data, which is very important when working with arrays of objects and can be very tricky if you don't know it well. For that, I will show you different techniques like using built-in "memcpy" function as well as working with loops.
As always, there are a few practical tasks included in this video just waiting for you to solve them so be sure to share your solution with others down in the comment section. Put on your learning hat and join me in this detailed video but also stay tuned for upcoming parts of this serial, because I'm probably working on them as you are watching this :D.

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