Dusty Villages and Dying Cities | Dr. Bharat Gupt | #SangamTalks

Socialism failed to provide prosperity to villages as it was based on a top-down model of development neglecting the traditional social structure of rural inter relationships. It created employment in cites only and treated villages not as repositories of culture but suppliers of agriculture products and human labour. The cities were also left to planning for benefit of the elites. People treated as mere voters leading to growth of caste for vote not skill.

About the Speaker:
Prof. Bharat Gupt, a retired Professor from the University of Delhi, is a well known figure in the field of arts. He is a classicist, theatre theorist, sitar and surbahar player, musicologist, cultural analyst, and newspaper columnist. For more than thirty five years now, he has lectured extensively at Universities in India, North America, Europe, and Greece.

Topics Covered
0:00 Mangalacharan
5:28 (In India) The planning was city oriented and not village oriented
7:58 The countryside was constantly sustaining the cities
10:27 wealth was produced in the cities
16:17 Disjunct that caused dusty villages and dying cities
18:48 effects if modernity
25:40 effects of lowering the voting age
33:21 small thinking, politics of caste, state level bottlenecks harming the nation
41:05 Ancient Indian civilization was the closest to which civilization?
33:30 current day attacks on India’s culture
46:52 Is Arthashastra relevant in today’s urban management or economy?
54:50 what is the approach to create values in Indians?
58:24 vote for values, not parties
59:08 Linguistic states, are they a question of identity?
1:02:53 reason for decline in urban cities
1:07:27 structural problem in constitution regarding identity
1:09:10 what is a suitable model for urban/economic development?
1:12:19 constitution vs culture
1:26:21 should Sanskrit be the official language?

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