DSLs, Architecture, & Structural Design in APL, 3 ways by Aaron W Hsu #FnConf 2022

Beginning functional and APL programmers often express confusion about how to structure large software projects or larger pieces of code. Both APL and FP have a tendency to highlight their low-level features and de-emphasize system architecture patterns. This can leave programmers with a strong sense of how to write a set of small functions, but with less confidence or skill in designing, recognizing, and implementing more cohesive implicit system architectures that hold these lower level functions together. System architectures serve as a method for constraining the overall design of a system to give direction and focus to lower level implementation requirements. Especially in APL, where system architecture is often best implemented implicitly, it behooves the programmer to understand the ramifications of architecture and to implement them in their own systems. This talk unpacks a number of these ""architecture level"" questions within the framework of the APL programming language by exploring the same topic through 3 different architectural approaches, each of which has a very distinct flavor, presentation, and impact on the resulting source code. Particular attention is paid to the question of domain-specific languages, their design, and how they can interact with APL as tools for architectural exploration and guidance in APL source trees. 

More details: https://confengine.com/conferences/functional-conf-2022/proposal/16062

Conference Link: https://www.functionalconf.com
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