Drying of Lower Leaves of Rice plants of Kinat and Super Basmati || Crop Reformer

In this video clip, we have described the main reasons behind the drying of lower leaves of rice plants an its solution.
Rice is one of the most important crops of Pakistan. Basmati rice of our region is renowned worldwide. It is also liked by most of the native community and vastly used in our beloved country Pakistan. We should use modern techniques and methods to increase the overall yield of the crop. Production technology of rice is evolving with the passage of time. We should follow the new norms to cope with the prevailing challenges of water shortage and climate change. Weather is directly proportional to the production of different crops.
Basmati rice is about to reach the booting stage during the month of September. What are the requirements of rice crop at this stage? In this video, we have addressed this issue.
Sugarcane is one the profitable crops of Pakistan. But its profit is decreasing with the passage of time due to higher prices of fertilizers applied to it. Because for its better health, growth and development, balanced fertilizer plan is required to be followed efficiently. For getting better yield of the crop, it is essential and crucial to complete the needs of all types of micro nutrients. Dap fertilizer has become much more costlier as compared to previous seasons. Urea has also become or made short due to lack of planning and management.

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