Driving Organizational Change Management with DevOps

No matter how your organization operates, it needs to be prepared for change - and as the IT Industry marches towards a faster flow of automated software delivery, agile Change Management has become imperative to control the gateway between development and deployment.

In the past, Change Management has been associated with protracted approval processes and considerable manual effort; however, by moving away from a one-size-fits-all strategy and embracing DevOps initiatives, changes can be broken down and implemented quickly. But how can this be achieved successfully?

In this episode of Day-to-Day DevOps, Helen Beal and guests will explore how your organization can adapt its Change Management practices to meet the ever-evolving, faster pace of continuous delivery, and deliver software that doesn’t compromise on reliability or security.

Join us to hear:
- What Change Management is in the context of DevOps.
- Why adapting Change Management to continuous delivery is as much cultural as it is procedural.
- Why DevOps can support your organization’s change management, and why DevOps and Change Management can coexist.
- The best practices for integrating DevOps into your existing functional framework/change management strategy.
- And more
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