Driving improvements in consumer energy and water efficiency

Driving improvements in consumer energy and water efficiency: How can the industry support domestic consumers in going green and save money?

The discussion will weigh-up the relative merits of aspiration and efficiency as forces for change amongst consumers, but also as drivers of market growth and shift, too.

Fundamentally, homeowners and residents are typically motivated to measure their water and associated energy consumption for either, or both, of the following reasons:

• They want to save valuable resources because of a shared aspiration to embrace a more eco lifestyle, inspired to ‘do their bit’ for society and the planet; and/or

• They are driven to save water and energy in a bid to manage and minimise their household bills through efficiency gains.

So, whether shrinking their water (and carbon) footprint to go green, or cutting costs to help with the home budget, the webinar will explore exactly how the industry can support consumers in getting the information they need to make better choices.


Moderator: Jim McClelland, Managing Director, Sustainability & Media, SustMeme, McClelland Media Ltd

Neil Wilson, Senior Marketing Manager, Triton

Vittoria Danino, Head of the Anglian Centre for Water Studies, Anglian Water Services

Steve Johnston, Home Water Efficiency/Water Saving Manager, Affinity Water

Emyr Poole , Manager, Centre for Technical Excellence, Homes England
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