Drive Strategy with the UMT360 Strategy Hub

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UMT360’s new Strategy Hub will help you track your business strategy and related metrics, and tie those directly to the programs and projects that will help you drive your business’ success.

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0:28 - What is the UMT360 Strategy Hub?
0:46 - Strategic Program & Project Selection
0:56 - Track Progress and get Visibility
1:06 - Integration with Project & Work Management Systems
1:47 - Demo of the Strategy Hub
3:18 - A straight line from Strategy to Programs and Projects
3:37 - Demo of the line from Strategy to Programs and Projects, with resources, costs and benefits
4:49 - Wrap-up

Why does a business do projects and programs? Projects and programs should be driven by business strategies, and the outcome of projects and programs must drive strategic outcomes.
It’s hard to tie strategy to projects from a top-down planning process, and to see the results of projects driving strategic results.
UMT360 has a solution that serves this need directly, with the new Strategy Hub.

The Strategy Hub provides a place to capture all of your business strategies.
For each strategy you can document one or more business metrics. Ultimately, you will use this dashboard to track your progress on delivering to each strategy.

Using the UMT360 Portfolio Manager and other elements of the UMT360 suite, you can select projects and programs that have a tight fit to the strategic mix, taking into account resources, budgets, risks and other factors.
As results and capabilities are delivered through programs and projects, you can track progress back against the metrics – closing the strategic reporting loop.

UMT360’s Strategy Hub, Portfolio Manager, and other elements provide a unique strategic portfolio management solution that interacts with a variety of traditional work management systems. In this position, UMT360 can deliver strategic alignment, resource management and capacity planning, cost and benefits management, and visibility to progress across an enterprise or organizational business unit.

Further, when paired with Power BI, UMT360 can provide rich reports and dashboards across a variety of enterprise systems – from finance to customer relationship management.

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