Dr. Rob Szabo & Camilla Dahl, APD - 'Eating to reverse type 2 diabetes'

After his own diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes in 2014, General Practitioner Dr. Rob Szabo (MBBS, BMedSc, FRACGP) is now dedicated to providing an option for diabetes reversal to the nearly 2 million Australians with or at risk of Type 2 diabetes. Dr Szabo established The Low Carb Clinic in 2014 - now Diversa Health, a first of its kind nationwide diabetes reversal service. Diversa offers medical and health coaching support via remote consultations, individualising well-formulated low carbohydrate eating plans to reverse Type 2 diabetes.

His multidisciplinary team includes accredited practising dietitian Camilla Dahl who works with a team of coaches to design evidence-based eating plans to suit each members' goals, lifestyle, preferences, habits and medical needs without compromising taste.

Diversa members with type 2 diabetes have achieved life-giving results:

- 96% reduced their Hba1c
- 83% reduced or eliminated medications
- 68% achieved reversal.

Eating to reverse diabetes is simple, nutritious and delicious. Get started with their free 14 day guide to Eating to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes https://diversahealth.com.au/etr-download/
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