Dr. Mike and Dr. James Answer YOUR Questions 12. 01. 2021

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0:00 Intro – last week of prep for Mike!
1:02 Is it normal to need 3 minutes of rest between sets of lateral raises?
5:40 If only a single exercise is stagnating, is that bodypart reaching MRV or not?
9:00 To what extent does standing all day interfere with leg hypertrophy?
15:55 How do you tell if you’re losing muscle during a cut if strength usually goes down regardless?
22:23 You typically recommend larger (e.g. 200+) kcal adjustments. Isn’t this too large?
27:30 If my blood sugar is on the high end everytime I get tested, should I switch to a higher fat diet?
31:14 James’ posters in the background are pretty cool
31:46 Can you reconcile being explosive on the concentric and clean technique? It’s hard!
41:52 For small muscle groups that are slow-twitch, are intensity techniques superior to straight sets?
44:09 Where is the line between junk volume and normal volume?
47:20 How can I tell if I need to cut to continue bulking?
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