Dr Florian Kongoli Interview before receiving the Gold Medal of the City of Nancy

Dr. Florian Kongoli gives an interview to Prof. Jean-Claude Derniame, Academician and Deputy Secretary General of the Lorraine Academy of Science just before the ceremony when the Mathew Klein, the Mayor of Nancy and the President of Metropolis of Grand Nancy awarded him the Gold Medal of the City of Nancy, the city's highest city honor, upon the proposal of the Academy and its president Prof. Jean-Marie Dubois. The interview deals with thorny issues of sustainable development such as resource conservation, energy, FLOGEN Sustainability Framework with its 3 pillars: Science and Technology, Governance & Management and Education & Civil Society. Dr Florian Kongoli highlights the importance of global perspective versus the local one in all decisions related to sustainability and the need to establish a reasonable optimum among of necessities in order to be sustainable.
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