doorman story oyunu oynuyoruz(part1)

Doorman Story is your chance to test your management skills and build an idle hotel empire. Go from a small roadside motel where travelers stay overnight to a luxury hyperhotel where even stars dream of spending their holidays. If you like hotel simulator games, Doorman Story Resort Simulation is the perfect choice. Let your inner hotel manager shine! Manage your staff, respond to customer requests and take the time to fulfill their whims to pass levels. Make their stay at this empty inn special, of course. Improve the apartments! Book your equipment and upgrade your rooms to keep your customers happy. The better the apartment, the more money you get from your guests. Earn enough to become a respected resort tycoon. Managing a crazy hotel is not that easy! Use impressive power-ups to tackle difficult levels faster and easier. Communicate with employees, customers and visitors, explore every corner of your hotel hideout in one of the greatest simulation games! It's up to you if you want to stay at the executive level or grow up to be a true hotel and cafe tycoon. Doorman Story is one of the most exciting and challenging hotel games! Join our online hotel boom, where your goal is to build and develop a great five-star resort. Start building from the ground up and bring your hotel closer to world-class standards. If you're a fan of design games, time management games or leveled idle hotel games, Doorman Story is for you! This simulator helps you develop your management skills along with your creative and even engineering side. Doorman Story is a virtual world where you can make your dreams come true. Are you ready for a luxurious inn atmosphere and the lifestyle of a businessman? Offline and online games are there for you to try. Play and enjoy this exciting renovation game today! A small motel with soda and sandwiches? Or a big hotel with high cuisine? How this story ends is up to you. Hotel games. Time to play to learn.
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