DON'T read or listen TOO MUCH! | Mikel Arteta BRILLIANT on Bukayo Saka's rise ✨


0:00 Intro

00:10 - What has Gabriel changed to become so key?: Consistency, he’s improved a lot of areas of his game and his partnership with Saliba has been exceptional.

00:57 - Lack of stability when he joined?: There were a lot of things missing but he’s found them.

01:38 - Worried Saka can’t handle the hype?: He’s got to deal with the expectations. You need to be capable of doing it.

02:11 - Becoming the club’s superstar?: We don’t know how much he reads about this.

02:32 - Is Saka always this humble?: He is, he’s also very intelligent.

03:03 - Sky’s the limit for Saka?: We don’t know. He has a lot of things to improve and maintain.

03:21 - What does Saka need to improve?: A few things but I won’t say.

03:38 - The same kid when you joined?: Absolutely, it’s the way he speaks to people, the chef, the people at the gates, that’s how he is.

04:13 - Will you be watching the U18 Youth Cup semi final?: I will try to be there.

05:01 - Bringing any old title winners in for inspiration?: All the options are open.

05:35 - Communicating to Saka different to other players?: I’m a young coach with experienced coach around me, no players have fulfilled their potential and athletes can always improve.

06:35 - What is it about Saka’s character?: We have a clear direction for him, and it has to be respected. He’s a joy to work with.

07:12 - Managing Saliba injury: With the right load and hopefully the pain goes away.

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