Don't Get Popped: Vulnerability Management Do's and Don'ts

How do you move the needle for your organization? You help bring security issues to the surface, and devise plans to solve for them, and then build out a rinse/wash/repeat schedule and go onto the next big thing. Vulnerability detection and management may sound boring, but it isn't - especially when you consider that finding issues before the bad guys do and keeping software current is one of the best defenses out there.

About the Speaker
Don Murdoch, GSE, MSISE, MBA is a seasoned IT leader with over 20 years of IT and InfoSec experience across several disciplines. Most recently, Don is the Director of a MSSP and Security Operations Practice for SLAIT Consulting, where he works with businesses of all sizes to implement SIEM, improve Security Operations, and provide security architecture consulting with an emphasis on risk reduction and mitigation.

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