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Donor Relationship Management is one of the key success factors for any customer-facing organization, for nonprofit fundraisers, it is the underpinning of every campaign’s success, and the primary driver of continued, recurring support. We cannot say it more clearly, Donor Relations are crucial when it comes to sustained fundraising campaigns.

Communication Records are one of the most valuable, but under-utilized, assets you hold as a nonprofit fundraiser. You’ve spent time, energy, and money to reach out and connect with your donors, now you need to make those connections meaningful by putting them to work. So what are you waiting for? Click play and take an inside look at how Donorbox’s Pro Tips for Communication Records feature shares how to maximize donor record benefits and unlock the magic of well-managed donor relations. Donorbox makes your Donor Relationship Management simple, strategic, and successful.

Donorbox’s communication records give your organization an accurate, holistic view of the donor’s entire communication history, building strong, personal relationships and recurring support in the most efficient way possible. Join Jena now and make every engagement start delivering today!

Donorbox’s powerful fundraising software supports over 35,000 global organizations and individuals, including non-profits, charities, schools, churches, open-source projects, and medical research groups. We have learned an enormous amount about donor engagement, management, and administration along the way, and understand Donor Relations is a prominent pillar of running a successful sustainable nonprofit.

Video Chapters:
0:00 -Intro
0:32 - Communication Records Feature
2:11 - Donor Management Procedure

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Here are 9 Ways to Build Strong Donor Relationships:

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