Doing Stuff And Things - Shelter Manager EP1

Heads up. The audio for the game is out of sync for some reason. I blame OBS. I did try to fix this, but it was such a pain in the butt that I had to give up.

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Game Info.

By the time the alarm starts ringing in the bunker, you still haven't found out what happened. You can only guess. One thing is certain - the world will never be the same again. There is a whole new reality waiting for you, where the struggle for resources with other survivors will become the main problem.

Get to the truth. Find out what happened to the people on the surface.

About the game.
Take control over the bunker and expand it. Manage power, production, and even sleep schedule. Rebuild your bunkers and expand them. Send expeditions to the surface to rescue any survivors or the other way around for looting and pillaging. Capture outlying bunkers until your network covers the entire country. Your mission is to repopulate the human race - and only you know how to do it.

An unpredictable campaign is waiting for you, in which you will have to get to the truth and find out what happened on the surface.

Game Features.
- 6-mission campaign (in Early Access)
- US map featuring 24 bunkers
- 3 types of bunker (scientific, military, and civilian)
- 12 types of special rooms
- 48 basic and additional sciences
- Managing working hours and morale in the bunkers
- High variability in producing even the weapons of the same type
- Population mobilization system
- Surface raids (looting or rescuing survivors)
- War with other bunkers
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