Does ZOE work? Here's what our latest trial results show | Prof Tim Spector and Dr Sarah Berry

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We’ve been working for the past 2 years on a randomized controlled trial of ZOE membership.

Participants used personalized nutrition advice to try to improve their health — and the results are fascinating.

In today’s episode of ZOE Science & Nutrition, Jonathan, Sarah, and Tim ask: How did ZOE hold up as part of this trial?

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00:00 - Introduction
01:24 - Quickfire round
03:11 - Sarah’s first impression of Jonathan
06:09 - What is an RCT
11:45 - What is ZOE and how does it work
16:31 - What did the RCT participants experience
18:40 - Using cookies to measure blood sugar
22:39 - What is blood fat
27:55 - What happens once you’ve done your tests
29:12 - Recent dietary changes Jonathan, Sarah and Tim have made
38:55 - How are you guided through the ZOE program
41:29 - Control group vs ZOE group
45:44 - Results of the ZOE RCT
49:27 - Do other wellness products have RCTs
52:32 - Will the results be greater after a year of ZOE
59:25 - Does the ZOE membership work
1:01:43 - The difference between ZOE and other medical devices
1:03:27 - Summary and outro

Mentioned in today’s episode:

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Recent advances in understanding and managing chronic constipation published in F1000Research

Human Postprandial Responses to Food and Potential for Precision Nutrition published in Nature Medicine

Microbiome connections with host metabolism and habitual diet from 1,098 deeply phenotyped individuals published in Nature Medicine

Postprandial glycaemic dips predict appetite and energy intake in healthy individuals published in Nature Medicine

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