Does Pakistan need to restructure its debt?

In this episode, we talk about Pakistan’s debt problems, how much it needs to repay in the near future, and whether the country needs debt restructuring. We also talk about some of the ways in which debt management needs to improve in the country.

Joining me for this conversation is Uzair Aqeel, who has 15+ years of experience in international debt markets, including structured credit and distressed debt. He was previously at Deutsche Bank in London, where he was global head of distribution for complex emerging market products, overseeing the firm’s largest institutional client relationships.

His team raised billions of dollars in debt for emerging market borrowers, including stressed sovereigns like Ukraine, Egypt and Argentina. He is now the managing partner of Nairang Capital, a private markets investor focused on emerging & frontier markets.

0:00 Introduction
1:45 What are Pakistan’s debt repayment obligations?
9:25 Does Pakistan need debt restructuring?
27:30 Why is debt restructuring not a panacea?
36:00 How do improve debt management?
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