DOCTOR reacts to SCRUBS "My Super Ego"

JD meets Dr Nick Murdoch (Sean Hayes) the best doctor in the hospital... or is he?! We breakdown Season 1, Episode 7 of Scrubs; My Super Ego from a real doctor's perspective. We learn about Beck's Triad, Erythema Migrans, doing CPR on a trolley and why not to fart when performing abdominal surgery!

00:00 Welcome! Stick around to the end to see my realism rating!
00:19 Guessing Dr Kelso's Ward Round Questions - Part 1
01:06 Cardiac Tamponade
01:31 CPR on a trolley
02:05 Good patient bants
02:24 Rash in young patient
02:51 Textbook imposter syndrome
03:17 Funny smells during abdominal surgery
04:43 Guessing Dr Kelso's Ward Round Questions - Part 2
05:35 Lyme disease! Of Course!
06:35 NOT a bowel perforation
07:09 The fun you have on your days off :)
08:06 Surgical yips
08:27 Treating doctors like children
09:39 Positive blood cultures
11:03 Realisation of what it means to work as a doctor
13:04 Surviving as a doctor
14:29 Episode realism rating...
14:56 WTF moment of the week!
15:15 That's it! Please give this video a thumbs up :)

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