Do you work in I.T. or in Tech? Does it matter?

When I get asked what I do for a living I usually say I work in I.T. but is that actually the correct answer?! Or do I work in Tech? What is the difference between working in I.T. and working in Tech? Not that it really matters to most non-tech savvy people, but there is a fine difference between working in Tech and working in information technology.

Hi, I am Christoph Puetz and I am happy to have you here on YouTube. I hope you find my content valuable and it helps you with your career in information technology. I am working in IT for almost 23 years now and it has been quite a ride. I worked in almost any type of role you can think of in information technology. For the last few years, I have been focusing on I.T. management - building and managing teams across the world. If you are not sure how to progress with your career - either in how you can get into I.T. or where to take your existing I.T. career - please consider my I.T. Career Coaching services. I would love to help you as well with any type of career-related questions you may have.

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