Do You Need an MBA to Become a Product Manager? Truth Was Told...

Do You Need an MBA to Become a Product Manager??

In this video I will be sharing with you if you need an MBA to become a product manager.

You'll also learn what are the roles and responsibilities that are relevant to product manager when you want to decide to invest in an MBA.

Knowing the skills and experience needed to become a product manager can help you land a product manager offer without an MBA but other companies prefer if you have an MBA.

I will show you all the things you need to consider to help you decide before investing $200k in an MBA or not to become a product manager.

0:44 - Introduction
1:27 - Product Manager Job Description
4:45 - Roles and responsibilities of product managers
6:45 - MBA is a better investment for consulting jobs
7:22 - Does MBA have a higher success rate or not?
8:32 - Doing side projects or building your portfolio
9:52 - Impact-driven experience is more important

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