Diving into Google Cloud Certifications ft. Magda Jary, Global Lead - Google Cloud Certifications

Hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of The Cloud Pilot Podcast where I interview experts from different domains to help aspirants start a career in their favourite field of interest. In this episode, we have Magda Jary, Global Lead of Google Cloud Certifications at Google. She will be sharing her experience as a Googler and all things GCP certifications.

DISCLAIMER: This is purely a personal interview and has no connections whatsoever with Google.

0:00 - Introduction
0:51 - Magda's journey
2:06 - Magda as Googler
3:37 - Google's work culture
5:51 - GCP certifications and their importance
10:37 - Benefits of GCP certifications
12:46 - Demand for GCP certifications
15:29 - Roadmap to GCP certifications
17:45 - Preparation tips for GCP certifications
23:34 - Magda's Advice

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