Diversity Instead of Uniformity | Berlin Research 50 (BR 50)

Diversity management, gender equality and internationalization have become guiding principles for almost all scientific institutions, especially in Berlin. At the beginning of the year, DFG President Katja Becker stressed that diversity and excellence are inseparable concepts for her. However, it remains true that the further up the career ladder you go, the more uniform the people who reach these positions tend to be. At the same time, many scientists have problems establishing themselves in Germany and face problems with the language, bureaucracy and other personal challenges. Unfortunately, it is also evident that people in the scientific environment are not spared from experiences of discrimination and prejudice.

These are issues that a global science capital like Berlin needs to address. We are taking stock: What is the current state of diversity in German academia? What problems do international researchers face in Germany? How can Berlin in particular tackle these challenges here and actively promote diversity?

This panel discussion was part of Berlin Science Week 2021 and organised by BR 50.

Strengthening Berlin as an international science metropolis is the goal of a joint initiative of the capital's non-university research institutions. At the beginning of 2020, they joined forces to form BR50 (Berlin Research 50). Further information: www.br50.org/en/br50

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