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Discover Your Eating Type and Make Sustainable Changes.
Know your eating type for weight loss for this summer and all year long.

Have you ever wondered why some diet plans work for others but not for you? It's because everyone has their own unique eating type. In this video, we explore different eating types and how they influence our dietary habits. By understanding your eating type, you can make sustainable changes that align with your preferences and increase your chances of successfully maintaining a healthy weight. Join us as we delve into the importance of knowing your eating type and provide practical tips to improve your eating habits without completely overhauling your diet. Watch now and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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CEO Diet Power Nutrition

The C.E.O. Diet Channel puts you in charge!
The C.E.O diet leans into the counter-intuitive premise that business leadership skills can help people not only be better at work, but also lose weight.
As a Professor in Leadership, I have noticed that the most successful leaders have few things in common: They are encouraging others to come up with their own solutions, create positive work cultures where innovation can flow, feedback is frequently given and received in all directions and learning from mistakes is not only tolerated but wanted.
Let’s use insights from the top management and apply it for weight loss. Sounds Crazy? Counter-intuitive? It’s for sure a different approach. But hey, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is what Albert Einstein called ‘insanity’. So try something new to get different outcomes this time. I will share with you what great leaders do right and show you how you can implement these hacks for your own life.
Let me start by telling you something that no one in the diet industry wants you to hear: No diet guru will ever have a solution that works with the cravings, needs and wants of all people there is only one solution: Create your own individual plan! Get a better understanding of how your body works, what fuel it needs and how to stop your head from interfering.
Don’t let someone else be in charge of your diet, weight loss or life. I am going to put you in charge. Make you the Boss. The CEO of your own weight loss journey. Scary? Taking on a Leadership position is scary. Scary in a good way. Be your own Boss of Weight Loss! You can do it, I believe in you!
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This video does not offer medical advice to any individual or group. Persons wishing to begin a weight-loss program are encouraged to consult their primary care physician or qualified health care provider.
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