Discover a Learning Framework to Elevate Your PBI Career! (w/ Steve Campbell)

Learning Power BI can be daunting. Many users struggle to know which areas to focus their attention. Even for a seasoned developer, knowing which skills to build on to advance in your career can be challenging.

Should you become a specialist, or try and spread your skills?

In this session, we will run through an end-to-end skills map to progress your Power BI career to the next level, no matter where you are currently. We will lay out a framework to help know how to elevate you Power BI career!

• What is git, DevOps and version control?
• Learn how multiple users can work on shared files
• Learn how to safely edit files, see versions and changes or roll back changes if something goes wrong
• Explore Microsoft recommendations, different options and their pros, cons and price

GUEST BIO (Steve Campbell)
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