DiSC® - Stressors & Motivators of the C (Conscientious) Style

Let's see how the research-based core needs of the Conscientious Style help determine the Stressors & Motivators in their environment.

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00:00 "DiSC® - Stressors & Motivators of the C (Conscientious) Style
00:50 Cornerstone Principles of DiSC®
01:10 The Basic DiSC® Model
02:32 Summary of Conscientious Style
02:58 Priorities of the Conscientious Style
04:15 Core Needs of the Conscientious Style
05:40 Stressors of the Conscientious Style
06:35 Other Styles' Stressors of the Conscientious Style
08:00 Motivators of the Conscientious Style
08:40 So What?
09:51 One More Thing About DiSC® . . .
10:44 Contact Information
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