Disappointing: Hyte Y40 Case Review - Thermals, Noise, & Cable Management

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The Hyte Y40 case was a let-down: The case had excellent potential going into this review, and while we found its build quality to be high, we unfortunately found its thermal and acoustic design lacking. The case further makes major changes against the Y60 that jeopardize the original, unique positioning of the brand by casting it into a sea of other O11-like cases. The Y60 maintains its strong positioning, but the Y40 flubs and loses to the likes of the Lian Li Lancool III and other similarly priced cases on the market.

Watch our Hyte Y60 review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNfsG-Ai2PA

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00:00 - The Hyte Y40 Case
02:14 - A Lot of Good Competition
04:39 - "Brand Experience"
06:32 - Radiator Chaos
09:00 - Fans & Cooling
11:03 - Cable Management & PCIe Slots
15:26 - Thermals Are Rough on the Y40
17:46 - Y40 CPU Thermals & GPU Thermals
20:10 - CPU-Only Thermals on Hyte Y40
20:51 - Standardized Fan Thermal Testing (GPU & CPU)
22:26 - Noise Levels
23:00 - Noise-Normalized Thermals
23:33 - Gigabyte 4070 Ti GPU Thermal Tests
25:13 - Conclusion & Places of Improvement

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Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing, Writing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Vitalii Makhnovets
Assistant Editing: Mike Gaglione
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