Directors Hour Introduction to ISO 37000 Governance of Organizations

The International Organization for Standardization has published the first-ever international benchmark for good governance with unanimous approval. The International Standard, ISO 37000, provides guidance for the governance of organizations and a common language for all sizes and types of organizations across jurisdictions.

“The pursuit of purpose is at the centre of all organizations and is, therefore, of primary importance for the governance of organizations. Good governance of organizations lays the foundation for the fulfilment of the purpose of the organization in an ethical, effective and responsible manner in line with stakeholder expectations.” ISO 37000:2021

Carolynn Chalmers Bio

Carolynn is an internationally recognized name in governance and a renowned facilitator on several aspects of governance. She has been involved since inception in the drafting of ISO 37000 and is one of the few people who can provide the history behind, and the intentions of, every aspect of ISO 37000. Carolynn also chairs the South African Bureau of Standards’ technical committee responsible for this Carolynn Chalmers standard.
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