Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (R52)

Turn your passion for people to take on a strategic role to support businesses.

With the broad-based Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) programme, you will enjoy the flexibility of making an impact in any industry, with highly sought-after skills under your belt.

DHRMP helps you develop people management skills in an international business landscape. You will be equipped with the understanding to cultivate a positive and productive workplace. Topics such as cross-cultural communication, economics, accounting, employment laws, Asian industrial relations, HR analytics, organisational development, talent acquisition, diversity, performance management, total rewards, organisational behaviour, international business, and industrial-organisational psychology will be taught in this course.

You will also learn how to establish sustainable workplace practices to enable people and businesses to thrive. Through role-play exercises and embarking on internships, you will gain hands-on experiences to affirm your understanding.
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