Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform

Livestock farmers face a common problem; optimizing herd management to compete in the modern era -- finding ways to thrive in a marketplace where competition is ever growing.

Introducing the Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform, an all-in-one desktop platform that empowers the family farm to increase the profitability of their business for generations to come.

The Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform gives livestock farmers access to powerful enterprise-level software previously reserved for only the largest corporations.

With the power of cloud-based computing, users can…
-Optimize costs
-Improve feed distribution and pasture management
-Enhance pasture quality
-Monitor livestock health
-Increase milk production
-Improve genetic selection
-Manage farm performance
-Track purchase sales and information

The Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform brings enterprise-level livestock management solutions to the family farmer, scaled to meet the scope and scale of their business.

Together we can increase yield, reduce cost, and mitigate risk

Welcome to The Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform. Live on October 24th, 2022.

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