Dimensions of BIM Explained | ArchiCAD BIM Demoreels

In the upcoming years, BIM is likely to widen and bring a considerable amount of improvements in the construction industry. If you are looking forward to adding value to your building project, employ dimensions in the designing process and achieve the desired results

As you may know, BIM is an intelligent model-based design process that adds value across the entire lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure projects

In today`s Video, we will cover the Dimensions of BIM as case studies demonstrated with MSBIM workflows. We are going to look at how Archicad has been at the forefront of BIM over the years. As you can’t use Archicad and Ignore the BIM Aspect.

I will show real-life projects done within our studio pushing the BIM concept and demonstrating the MSBIM workflows usual. We will recap, and familiarize ourselves with the role of the Dimensions of BIM in the successful completion of a project in ARCHICAD. Like how to achieve all these dimensions in Archicad from 2D to 8D. We will cover them in chronological order.

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